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Hey,hey are you blind?

   Our government implemented a new curriculum which is called k-12 program wherein the students entering the first grade of elementary school and those entering the first year of high school will follow this new curriculum, but is it really help ?? specially to those students who will be taking this program ?

In my side, It should not be implemented . why?

    Its because,it will become more complicated to the students. For me, government would need to realize that best of the facilities should be given,hired enough numbers of teachers that would be proportional to the number of students,also,provide quality textbooks that would be also proportional to the number of students. and maybe by the time, government realizes those things,it will be the time they should implement more concrete laws about the Philippines educations system. Therefore If the government would really see the real problem behind educations progress , they  would be able to realize that its not really the time that matters. it is not how long will the students be in school,but rather the truth that education system in Philippines aren't capable of providing the best of the quality education they promise.,hence they are capable but they seemed to be deaf and blind of the real situation of students.

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